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Disney touts $40 billion economic impact in Florida as it battles DeSantis in court


Disney is touting its $40 billion economic impact in Florida amid its court battle with Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis over whether the entertainment giant must follow Coronavirus-related health regulations similar to the rest of the state’s businesses.

In a blog post published Sunday, Disney officials noted that it is one of the largest private-sector employers in the state, providing 140,000 Floridians with jobs. Disney World is a primary source of tourism for the state, making up 10 percent of Florida’s total tourist population in 2019.

Disney also noted its annual tax contributions to the state, which amount to approximately $750 million each year, an amount commensurate with the tax contributions of the entire Orlando area. The blog post also notes that Disney’s economic impact in the state helps support an additional 350,000 jobs in related industries.

The blog also highlighted Disney’s environmental initiatives, noting its investments into conservation of natural resources, restoration and protection of local ecosystems, support for Floridian communities, and efforts to strengthen local wildlife habitats.

Disney’s post comes days after the company filed a lawsuit against DeSantis, arguing that the governor’s COVID-19 health regulations, which require Disney to follow the same health protocols as businesses across the state, violate the company’s First Amendment rights.

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