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House speaker race starts again for Republicans after ousting Jordan


With the ouster of House Speaker Representative Jim Jordan from the Republican caucus, a new race for the leadership of Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives has begun.

Jordan, who had served as Speaker since January 2019, was voted out from the position earlier this week after members of the Republican caucus raised concerns about the way he handled a number of issues in the House, including the lack of a comprehensive coronavirus relief package and the controversy surrounding the election certification in 2020.

In the wake of Jordan’s departure from the position of House Speaker, a number of Republican representatives have announced their candidacies for the position. Most prominent among them are Representative Andy Biggs and Representative Liz Cheney, both of whom have a number of supporters in the Republican caucus.

Whoever ends up being elected as the new House Speaker will face a number of challenges, including passing legislation in a politically divided Congress and navigating the party’s stance on issues like immigration and health care. Moreover, the new Speaker will have to deal with daily attacks from President Biden’s administration, and the Speaker will have to act as an effective leader for the Republican Party as a whole.

As representatives continue to debate who is best suited for the role, the House Republican leadership election is likely to heat up even more. It is unclear when the election for the new Speaker will take place, but House Republicans have indicated that the process is likely to begin very soon.

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