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McCain’s political heirs carry on his fight against Trumpian isolationism


Senator McCain was well known for his firm stance against President Donald Trump’s nationalist and isolationist foreign policy agenda. He argued strongly against the president’s plan to withdraw from global alliances such as NATO, as well as his preference for unilateral action rather than multilateral cooperation. McCain had long been an ardent proponent of a strong US presence in global affairs – a position which has been adopted by other elected Republican Party figures in the Trump era. This includes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has criticized some of the President’s actions regarding US engagement in international issues such as the Paris Climate Change Agreement, North Korea, and the Iran Deal. Other prominent Republican Senators, such as Lindsay Graham and Bob Corker, have echoed McCain’s views and have strongly advocated for US leadership on issues such as climate change, counter-terrorism, and free trade. They have expressed support for US alliances and global institutions, and have repeatedly condemned Trump’s unilateral approach to foreign policy. Their positions have been met with scorn from some members of the president’s base, coming under attack for their refusal to blindly support Trump’s agenda. However, these Senators have courageously stood their ground and refused to back down from what they perceive as essential American values. In doing so, they are helping to uphold the legacy of their late colleague, John McCain, and his commitment to a strong, engaged, and responsible American foreign policy.

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