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Live Nation spars with senator over its vow to ditch hidden ticket fees


In response to a proposal from Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) to eliminate “hidden” ticket fees, Live Nation Entertainment has stated that they will stop charging customers the additional fees, if the senator’s bill passes.

However, Senator Blackburn has since accused the ticketing giant of being “deceptive” with their promises, as they emphasized that they would continue to offer their “Platinum” tickets. The Platinum tickets, which have existed since 2016, offer an access to exclusive artist packages, and as a result have higher prices that include fees to help cover the cost of the special add-ons.

Live Nation has since clarified that its Platinum tickets are completely open to the public and not exclusive or concealed, and will remain a separate ticket offering. In addition, the company has affirmed its commitment to providing approachable ticketing options for fans, noting that it also offers discounted tickets for many shows via its “LN Friends” program.

The senator’s bill, known as the Eliminating Ticket Scalper Harassment and Abuse Act, seeks to prohibit the use of bots to buy hundreds of tickets simultaneously, resulting in the sudden shortage of tickets for general public. While her bill does not have any direct effect on the Platinum tickets that Live Nation offers, the company has pledged to stop summarily tacking on fees at checkout.

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