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Israel-Gaza war consumes Biden’s attention


The Israel-Gaza conflict has consumed President Joe Biden’s attention in recent weeks. Biden, a longtime supporter of Israel, has spoken with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu numerous times. He’s also made clear that he does not view Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, as a legitimate actor.

Biden’s administration has tried to walk a fine line between supporting Israel’s right to defend itself while also pushing for a ceasefire and protecting innocent civilians on both sides. Biden has condemned Hamas’ militant action, while also stressing Israel’s need to take into account the causalities of the conflict.

The Biden administration has sent Secretary of State Antony Blinken and other members of his administration to the region in an effort to seek a ceasefire. The White House is also working closely with regional allies like Egypt to broker a ceasefire.

Biden has also engaged in conversations with regional and global allies to discuss the conflict. While Biden has not directly spoken with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Blinken and other aides have communicated regularly with his government.

The president has also addressed the issue during public speeches. In his address to a Joint Session of Congress, he held back no criticism of Hamas’ attack as “indiscriminate” and “unacceptable.” At the same time, he condemned both sides for the loss of innocent lives.

Ultimately, Biden’s goal is to bring about a durable ceasefire that is brokered by all sides. The president’s hope is that a ceasefire will be reached soon so both sides can move forward towards a peaceful future.

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