Home Economy Kevin McCarthy has a few more things to say about his ouster

Kevin McCarthy has a few more things to say about his ouster


as Majority Leader

McCarthy has spoken publicly about his surprise departure from his role as House Majority Leader, and he has not held back. In an interview on Fox News, McCarthy lamented the “dysfunction” of the House Republican Conference and the difficulty of leading a divided party.

McCarthy also said that the caucus needed to “return to its roots” of focusing on conservative values. “That is the way you win,” he said. “We have to boost our message across the country and not be in conflict with each other. We have to build a team, an army to win in the future.”

McCarthy also spoke about the importance of looking to the future and not allowing Republican leaders to be held back by past conflicts. “It’s a very critical time for the Republican Party. We have to move this party forward. I’m ready to do my part, I want to do my part.” McCarthy said.

McCarthy also urged Republicans to focus on policies to advance their cause. “We should be bold and put forth bold ideas that Americans want to see. We don’t want interference from the White House or anyone else. We want to be an independent voice and that’s what America wants.”

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