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Bitcoin Schools, Paxos Oopsies, US Lawsuits and 20 Crypto Jokes


1. How do you teach a kid about blockchain technology? You take him to a Bitcoin School!

2. What did Paxos do wrong? They oopsied!

3. What’s the most common thing to see in a US court these days? Cryptocurrency-related lawsuits!

4. What did the blockchain say to the distributed ledgers? Let’s decentralize this party!

5. What did the bitcoin miner say to the altcoin miner? “Let’s get hashing!”

6. What did the bear say to the crypto trader? “Longer you hodl, the more profits you make!”

7. What did the crypto trader say to his colleague? “Let’s do some moon mining!”

8. What did the cypherpunk say to the hacker? “We are unstoppable!”

9. What did the blockchain engineer say to the smart contracts developer? “Let’s get coding!”

10. What did the network administrator say to the blockchain developer? “Let’s secure the ledger!”

11. What did the crypto enthusiast say to the newbie? “Welcome to the blockchain revolution!”

12. What did the investor say to the crypto trader? “Let’s get investing!”

13. What did the blockchain startup say to the venture capitalist? “Let’s raise some ICOs!”

14. What did the crypto skeptic say to the cryptocurrency enthusiast? “You’re just a sucker!”

15. What did the crypto investor say to their own wallet? “Let’s get rich!”

16. What did the blockchain entrepreneur say to the corporate executive? “Let’s innovate!”

17. What did the altcoin miner say to the bitcoin miner? “Let’s diversify!”

18. What did the smart contracts developer say to the lawyer? “Let’s automate this process!”

19. What did the crypto ATM say to its customer? “Take out some digital cash!”

20. What did the cryptozoologist say to the cryptoparty organizer? “Let’s uncover some new blockchain mysteries!”

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