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Fierce DeSantis-Newsom rivalry heads to prime-time showdown with ‘Hannity’ debate


The escalating rivalry between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and California Governor Gavin Newsom takes center stage next week as the two governors will face off in a primetime debate on the Fox News show Hannity.

The showdown, set for May 18, will feature both governors presenting their respective visions for their states, how they’ve handled the pandemic and, presumably, numerous policy differences between the two.

DeSantis has unabashedly criticized Newsom’s Democratic record in California and his approach to the Covid-19 crisis. During the debate DeSantis is expected to further trumpet Florida’s success in handling the pandemic, including low death and infection rates, while challenging Newsom’s approach.

Meanwhile, Newsom is likely to defend his record and counter DeSantis’s characterization of California’s Covid-19 response. He will also likely highlight California’s subsequent success in tackling the pandemic, including vaccination efforts and reopening strategies.

The debate will certainly be a heated affair and will no doubt draw considerable attention as the two governors offer their contrasting views on how their states have handled the pandemic. Whether the two will find any common ground remains to be seen, though it seems unlikely.

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