Home Economy Shutdown deal avoids political pain for Republican moderates

Shutdown deal avoids political pain for Republican moderates


For Republican moderates, the agreement to avoid a government shutdown and keep the government open was a political win. The deal avoided a potentially bruising political battle between the party’s conservative and moderate wings—one that would have been costly for moderate Republicans seeking re-election in November.

The shutdown would have been politically damaging to moderates, who represent many of the voting districts represented by the GOP in the House of Representatives. Voters in these districts are mostly suburban, blue collar and less conservative than those in safe Republican districts. Thrilled to have avoided a politically costly showdown, moderate Republicans now don’t have to answer questions about refusing to fund important government services such as healthcare and police while pushing controversial matters such as protection for children of undocumented immigrants.

The deal, then, avoids an uncomfortable debate for the more moderate wing of the GOP. It is also a victory for Republican leaders, who have been trying to keep their party from being torn apart by a damaging fight over immigration and government funding.

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