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Schumer blasts Supreme Court’s new ethics code for one ‘glaring omission’


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) blasted the Supreme Court’s recently adopted new ethics code on Tuesday for including a “glaring omission” that fails to explicitly ban justices from attending political fundraisers.

“The only loophole being left open in the justices’ ethics code is going to a fundraiser in their honor or where the event is held in their honor,” Schumer told reporters. “Without closing this loophole, the Supreme Court justices will be able to attend politically charged events that I believe they should know are inappropriate.”

Schumer noted that the newly adopted code includes provisions designed to protect the Court’s reputation and integrity, including a prohibition on justices participating in partisan political activities, such as making political endorsements or speaking publicly in support of particular candidates or ballot initiatives.

However, Schumer warned the omission of an explicit ban on attending political fundraisers could create confusion and ambiguity about the new rules.

“The Court says it regards the new ethics code as a living document, and I urge them to fix the glaring omission immediately,” Schumer said. “It stands to reason that justices should not be in attendance when massive amounts of money are being raised to support partisan causes.”

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