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Young generation of anti-Hamas activists in Gaza step up to serve but are snubbed by UN, aid groups


The younger generation of anti-Hamas activists in the Gaza Strip have faced increasing obstacles from UN and aid agencies in their efforts to help the people of Gaza. In recent years, these young activists have increasingly been treated with suspicion by UN and aid groups, who say that the activists are too closely aligned with Hamas. The activists have struggled to receive recognition or support for their efforts and have had to resort to innovative measures to try to make a difference in the lives of Gazans.

One such group is Gaza Youth Break Out, a youth movement working to create change in the Gaza Strip. The group has tried to obtain grants from international aid organizations, but has been rebuffed. They have also been unable to set up events or programs due to restrictions imposed by Hamas. Consequently, the group has resorted to online activism and advocacy, using their social media platforms to spread their message of hope and progress.

In 2013, a small group of Gazan activists founded the One Million Hands campaign, which sought to connect Palestinians in the Strip with the outside world. They organized events such as the Gaza Marathon, which saw thousands turn out to run, despite the fact that formal sports were prohibited in Gaza. Despite their successes, the Gazan activists have largely been abandoned by the international community, due to their supposed ties to Hamas.

It is clear that the young generation of Gazan activists are determined to make a positive difference in the lives of their people despite the many obstacles they face. They are marching forward in the hope that their work will be applauded and supported by UN and aid groups aware of the dire situation on the ground in Gaza. However, if those groups continue to snub these young activists, then progress in the Strip will be suppressed and the potential for a better future indefinitely deferred.

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