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New China committee report raises questions about California lab


The New China Committee recently issued a report on its investigation into the activities of the Chinese owned bio lab in California. The report, titled “China-backed Advanced Biotechnology Lab in California: A Report of Findings and Recommendations”, raises a number of troubling questions about the lab’s activities and the security of the state’s citizens.

The report discusses the committee’s findings into the lab’s activities and the potential security risks they may pose. The lab in question was a research organization specializing in advanced biotechnology, funded by a Chinese-backed firm with close ties to the Chinese government’s People’s Liberation Army. The Committee found that the lab was operating as “an instance of the Chinese Government functioning as a ‘shadow operator’ of a foreign enterprise.” The report also highlighted other troubling issues surrounding the lab, such as the fact that the lab was conducting research related to surveillance technology and artificial intelligence, both of which have direct implications for the security of the US.

The report also drew attention to the lack of oversight of the lab’s activities by US regulatory bodies and the risks this posed to national security and public safety. The committee observed that the US Government had not been properly briefed on the lab’s activities or adequately investigated the security implications and risks associated with the lab.

The committee concluded its report by issuing a series of recommendations to US government agencies and other stakeholders to ensure the proper oversight and regulation of the bio-lab’s activities, and to safeguard the security and safety of US citizens. These recommendations include stronger scrutiny and oversight of the bio-lab, tighter security protocols, and improved inter-agency coordination in order to ensure that the lab operates in a safe and secure environment.

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