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NFT Sales Spike to $129M in November, with Blur Leading the Charge: Nansen


NFT sales reached a record high of $129 million in November 2020, with the blockchain platform Blur leading the charge. According to NonFungible.com, which tracks the sales of NFTs, over $110 million in sales came from Blur, with its top-selling NFT being sold for $17.4 million. This was followed by NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway, which generated $18 million in sales.

The surge in NFT sales can be attributed to the increasing demand for digital art and collectibles. As more people become aware of NFTs, the trend of collecting rare digital items is becoming more popular. Additionally, the rising interest in the cryptocurrency market has also led to an increase in the demand for NFTs.

The popularity of NFTs has also been bolstered by prominent figures in the art and technology world. Figures such as Elon Musk, Kim Kardashian, and Jack Dorsey have spoken out in favor of NFTs, raising interest in the asset class among a larger audience.

Alongside the rise in popularity of NFTs, the cryptocurrency space as a whole is also experiencing unprecedented growth. As cryptocurrencies continue to be adopted by more people and organizations, the trust and adoption of digital assets should continue to increase. This would in turn have a positive effect on the growth of the NFT market.

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