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House to advance election security overhaul as 2024 heats up


The House of Representatives is expected to pass a sweeping election security overhaul this week as Democrats push for additional protections in preparation for the 2024 presidential election. The For the People Act is an expansive political reform package which overhauls existing election laws and addresses a range of issues from voting access to campaign finance disclosures. Among its provisions, the bill seeks to create additional safeguards against cyberattacks and foreign interference, requiring states to implement procedures such as post-election audits and secure paper ballots. It also allocates $1 billion in federal funds for states to help upgrade aging voting systems, and for states to purchase voting machines with paper audit trails. The legislation also includes provisions that would expand early voting options, require comparable ballot access across all states, and create a federal matching funds system for small-dollar donations to congressional candidates. The bill has faced stiff opposition from Republicans who view it as an infringement on states’ rights and a possible source of voter fraud. The House is expected to pass the bill before sending it to the Senate, where it is likely to face a much more difficult path to passage.

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