Home Economy Mike Pence suspends his struggling 2024 campaign

Mike Pence suspends his struggling 2024 campaign


Vice President Mike Pence has suspended his struggling 2024 campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

The campaign faced strong opposition from within the Republican Party. Leading industry voices such as Karl Rove and several former Trump administration officials opposed Pence, while the party’s base was not inclined to give the Vice President a free path to the White House.

The campaign has suffered from lackluster fundraising and a lack of broad support. Pence ultimately decided to suspend his effort, noting that “the loss of life, economic collapse, political discord, and division across America have deeply impacted the nation and the people I love.”

Pence, who has long been seen as aligning more with the party’s establishment than its base, had sought to position himself as a more mainstream conservative alternative to former President Trump. He has not ruled out running in future elections.

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