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Autoworkers strike expands again with walkout at GM SUV plant


The United Auto Workers union (UAW) strike against General Motors (GM) expanded again on Wednesday with a new walkout at an SUV plant in Texarkana, Arkansas. This move follows previous walkouts in Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky. Thousands of auto workers have been on strike since September 16 demanding better pay, job security, and more affordable health care.

At the Texarkana plant, thousands of union members are protesting a variety of issues, including worker fatigue from new night shifts implemented by GM, and growing anxiety over potential changes to job classifications. Union members are also demanding improved medical coverage and wages.

The strike began after the UAW and GM failed to reach an agreement on the automakers’ previous contract proposals. Since then, the union has worked for nearly a month to negotiate a better deal, but so far, there has been no agreement.

Despite the lack of a deal, the UAW remains hopeful. Union president Gary Jones said on Wednesday that the union is still committed to getting the best contract possible for its members. He added that the UAW is dedicated to protecting good-paying jobs in the industry.

The Texarkana strike is the latest in a wave of labor unrest which has seen union members across the country protesting for higher wages and better benefits. The strike has had a major impact on GM, which has shut down its factories across the nation. If the strike is not resolved soon, the economic impact could be significant.

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