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McCarthy’s shaky launch of the Biden impeachment inquiry


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Leader Kevin McCarthy  have demonstrated contrasting approaches to the inquiry into President Joe Biden’s fueldealings with Ukraine. Pelosi initiated the inquiry with a carefully crafted statement and a unified strategy, while McCarthy stumbled through his initial response to the news. McCarthy’s initial streak of confusion over the inquiry prompted House Democrats to further call for an investigation into President Biden’s involvement with Burisma. McCarthy suggested he didn’t understand the inquiry while attempting to rationalize President Trump’s calls to pressure Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. He made an array of different comments in varying news sources, all resulting in speculation that the Republicans were unprepared and ill-equipped to be critical of the President. After the initial confusion subsided, McCarthy eventually issued a firm statement from the Republican perspective. He called for reform to the process leading up to impeachment and suggested that GOP members needed to take into account the kinds of evidence House Democrats are interested in.  McCarthy’s shakiness could be seen as an initial misstep in the Republicans’ journey forward in the Biden impeachment inquiry.

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