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House Democrat Anna Eshoo announces she will not seek reelection


in 2022

On Wednesday, longtime California Congresswoman Anna Eshoo announced that she would not seek reelection in 2022, when her 18th term in office comes to a close.

In a statement released to constituents, Eshoo said she was making the decision “with the utmost respect and care for my constituents.” She said it had been a “deep honor to serve my district for so many years,” but that it was time for her to leave in order to open the door for new ideas and innovative approaches to policy.

“It is not always easy to let go,” she wrote, “but I am confident that the voters of our community will send a representative to Washington that will bring new energy and ideas to the table, while forever running guarded on the Motto my parents taught me: ‘your actions serve, not yourself, but the whole.'”

The 86-year-old has represented Silicon Valley in Congress for over a quarter-century, and her seat is considered safely Democratic. In an increasingly polarized political climate, Eshoo has stood out for her bipartisanship and ability to work across the aisle on issues that matter to constituents.

In the same statement, Eshoo said she would “continue to fight for the values I believe in,” and thanked her supporters for their years of dedication and loyalty.

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