Home Economy Another debate? The pantomime primary continues apace.

Another debate? The pantomime primary continues apace.


The COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible to hold traditional in-person presidential primary debates, so the 2020 election season has seen many debates conducted entirely online. Presidential hopefuls from both parties, along with their surrogates, have appeared via video conferencing to face off on the issues. As the election draws nearer, the debates have become even more intense, and the pantomime of the candidates and their surrogates has only gotten more heated. The debates have provided a startlingly accurate glimpse into the deep divisions that exist within both parties — and, by extension, within the nation at large. It remains to be seen whether the debates will have any meaningful effect on the outcome of the election, but one thing is certain: the pantomime that is the 2020 presidential primary debates is far from over.

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