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Joe Biden bucks tradition, bets big on early swing-state advertising


Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has bucked tradition and is making an unprecedented gamble by spending millions of dollars on early advertising in key swing states. This move is seen as a surprise by many, as most campaigns usually don’t invest resources in advertising so early in the cycle. Biden’s decision to invest in early advertising in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida is seen as a sign of confidence in his candidacy and an attempt to increase his name recognition and get a jump start in the all-important swing states.

The Biden campaign has so far spent tens of millions of dollars on airing ads on broadcast, cable and other platforms in these states. This strategy is extremely high-risk and could backfire if Biden does not perform well in the primary and caucus process. However, Biden is banking on the fact that he will have built up a stronger base of support in these states if he can kick start his campaign early.

Besides the financial investment, Biden is also investing in a team of dedicated campaign staff and staff around the country to make sure that he has a strong presence in these power states. Biden’s team is also going on barnstorming trips throughout the swing states to solidify his support and build out his presence.

Overall, Biden’s decision to invest early in swing states is a bold one and it could pay off if his early spending has put him ahead of the pack in the crucial swing states. It is still to be seen whether this strategy will work in the end and whether Biden can turn his early spending into voter support this November.

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