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Breaking: Bitstamp Resumes XRP Trading After Temporary Suspension


Bitstamp, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has resumed XRP trading after temporarily suspending it earlier today. According to the exchange, its services were suspended due to “technical issues” and have now been resolved.

The exchange had stopped XRP trading after a dramatic price drop in the digital asset earlier this morning. XRP had seen its value tumble by around 20 percent in a single day, and the pause was put in place to protect customer funds.

Bitstamp has reassuringly stated that all user funds are safe and secure, and have not been affected by the suspension. Trading has now resumed on the platform, with XRP trading pairs with USD and EUR.

The temporary suspension had caused a stir in the crypto-community, as well as wider markets. It is likely that the regulatory uncertainty surrounding XRP has played a part in the recent price fluctuation, alongside market forces.

In any case, the resumption of XRP trading on Bitstamp is certainly a move in the right direction for the digital asset. It will be interesting to see if this has a lasting impact on XRP prices.

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