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Bitcoin Ordinals Marketplace Ordswap Hit With Phishing Attack


On Wednesday, the popular Bitcoin (BTC) ordinals marketplace Ordswap was hit with a phishing attack, according to a note from the platform’s team. The Ordswap team explained that the phishing attack was targeted at its users, with the criminals sending out “suspicious promotional messages” advertising “special offers.”

The Ordswap team also stated that they had taken the necessary steps to rectify the situation, stating that:

“We identified the source of the attack and immediately blocked all access to the website. Our security team has launched a thorough investigation into the incident, and we are actively monitoring all security protocols to prevent any further attacks.”

Even though the attack appears to have been successful in convincing some of its users to enter their information into the malicious site, the attack does not seem to have resulted in any stolen funds. The Ordswap team stated that users whose information was entered into the malicious site should immediately change their passwords and contact the Ordswap support team.

This attack serves as a reminder to all users that they should always be vigilant when it comes to their online security and to only use official channels when interacting with any online service.

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