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EarthFund taps Coinshift to help ecosystem DAOs manage treasuries


Coinshift, a leading treasury manager and infrastructure provider, will secure and manage the treasuries of major decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) signed up with blockchain-powered crowdfunding platform EarthFund, the two firms announced on Tuesday.

Funding projects focused on ‘worthy causes’

Invezz has learnt that Coinshift’s partnership with DAO-as-a-service platform EarthFund, an initiative supported by renowned philanthropist Deepak Gupta, is targeted at helping projects working on global causes raise and manage funds.

As part of their collaboration, Coinshift will offer its treasury management expertise and infrastructure to all DAO treasuries within the EarthFund ecosystem.

This will see various philanthropic communities tap into the blockchain platform’s solutions to accomplish several goals, including decentralised treasury management, handling payouts to DAO members, and funding projects advancing worthy global causes.

Coinshift CEO Tarun Gupta commented:

Web3 has the potential to deliver value and empowerment that benefits everyone more equally, and we’ve always believed in the transformative power of DAOs. By supporting DAOs dedicated to bettering the world, EarthFund is furthering that initiative. Coinshift’s intuitive V2 platform is designed to provide DAOs with simple, transparent and secure treasury monitoring and management services, enabling these ecosystems to focus on what truly matters and scale effectively.”

EarthFund launched its decentralised funding platform in June, looking to tap into blockchain-powered accountability and transparency to help people donate and vote on how their funds are utilised.

Among the first projects to benefit from the partnership is The Mental Health and Wellbeing group. The project, founded by The Chopra Foundation and startup NeverAlone, raised over $2 million for its treasury from crypto donations and the NeverAlone native token.

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